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just joined up.

just thought i'd say hello, since i joined the group. my name's Jake, i grew up here, moved away for 5 years and um, well, i think i'm back? as cool as it can be i think chico is a jealous mistress and doesn't like to let anyone go, for long. so all my friends have since moved away and i'm not working or living in my own space, but i don't really feel the Kerouac-ey freedom of a homeless wanderer, drats. i'm interested in meeting people for romps thru the park or immobile romps through a cafe. btw i need to know the best local cafe, my old one, sadly, sells crappy coffee now. oh and any good pubs, with style and 20 some odd wonderous beers on tap? hell any suggestions of worthwhile places that weren't here 5 years ago would be much appreciated.
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