Kendall The Yellow Dart (orangejuicejill) wrote in bidwellpark,
Kendall The Yellow Dart

in the nightlight of the sunlight i feel light and let it out

lol I just joined so i thought i'd drop a post and see whats going on. So I'll be moving to chico in about 2 weeks and I'm really excited but am nervous. I don't know if there will be people like me there who are crazy and loud and sometimes annoying. And who like everything and who are wierd and maybe even so wierd that people are like WHOA. Anyway my name is Kendall and since I have a HUGE coarse load this semester (which i am fully excited about) i thought i'd try and meet people now to get some of the nervous..please don't avoid me oh shit i have to do homework stuff out of the way. So if youre cool...REPLY or post or something because im cool and cool kids belong together-yyy
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