Bridgie (starlightm42) wrote in bidwellpark,

um, hi.

I have never been to Chico. I do not live in Chico. I live in a boring, little, pissant, midwest, podunk college town of South Bend, Indiana. My college town, however, is not as (apparently) exciting as yours. While Notre Dame does have students from all over the world, it is a closed campus and they have everything they need inside their little town, there. Even a Starbucks. Well, not a real one. It is a cafe that serves Starbucks Coffee. But there is, in fact, no actual, REAL Starbuckses (wherein the employees are actually employees of Starbucks, Inc.) within a 100 mile radius (that would be Chicago).

So why am I interested in Chico? I have a friend who is from there and RAVES about it. The interesting thing is, while he has been to and lived in several parts of the country and the world, he keeps going back to Chico. And he won't move unless he absolutely HAS to (which he might pretty soon). So I'm like, this must be one cool place, this Chico.

Also, your beer. I tried some Sierra Nevada when I was in DC for a benefit dinner in October...I mean, it's the East Coast, so it was out of the bottle, but it was the BEST beer out of a bottle I've ever had...which doesn't say much, seeing as I don't drink all THAT much and haven't had that many different beers to begin with, lol. But oh, did I lurve it. I had some off the tap when I was in San Diego later that month. With my chicken marsala. And it was good. Um, anyway, I only recently found out, when I was with Ryan (that is, my friend that is from Chico) in Cleveland, that beer was from Chico. And I was like, DUUDE NO WAY! That's like my favorite beer! Well, besides Guinness.

Anyway, yeah. I am a member of the Chico fan club baby. You guys all seem pretty cool, too. And my friend is cool, so like, in my mind, Chico = cool people. And really big, pretty parks. I'm thinking about coming out there for a kayaking trip in April. And of course a trip to that brewery. And maybe I'll hang out with Ryan for a couple seconds heheh.
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